2012, 18 weeks

Group MSc project at TU Delft

In collaboration with Ascom Wireless Solutions

Teamwork with Laura Emily van‘t Wout, Natalía Papadopoúlou, Claudia Poma Murialdo and André Taris.


To re-design an assistive device Home Gateway that is used by seniors for E-health telemedicine purposes, such as service ordering, remote care etc. The goal was to define usability issues at the current user-product interaction and to develop a new design concept, considering the assessment of Usability, User Experience and Product Innovation.


Various studies were performed in order to get acquainted with the product, its users and context. Several design ideas and concepts were generated, validated and further resulted in a final proposal. An interactive mock-up of the touchscreen UI was built and tested with final users.


Based on the initial user feedback, final vision of the design team was “to create a product for the home use that looks and feels less medical”. As a result, the main goals for the project were reached by complete re-design of hardware, the UI and rethinking the whole user experience.

The overall user-product interaction with the product, the usability and ease of use, the product’s aesthetics and user’s emotional perception were improved. The product might fit better into a domestic atmosphere and reassures seniors, knowing that relevant assistance is available and easy to find whenever they need it. Thus, they can live more independently and enjoy their life.

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