2012, 16 weeks

Group MSc project at TU Delft

In collaboration with Microsoft Research

Teamwork with Gyán Santokhi, Anna Pestalozza and Erik Jansen


To create an interactive product/service for the Microsoft Research Design Expo 2012, aiming a better interaction of participants at networking events (expo, trade fairs etc.). It should enable people to “break the ice” in a social context where they don’t know each other or feel awkward to approach somebody unknown.


During the ideation and interactive prototyping, we have explored various paths and tested different concepts, mainly concerning wearable devices that could work as stimuli “activators” to determine a change in the environment (wind blowing, objects moving etc). 

In the final prototype we aimed to make our concept more realistic and experiential. We tried to overcome some technical challenges and strive to optimize the whole interaction, in order to make the concept feasible and clear for the user.  


The final concept consists of an e-badge and interactive board. According to the scenario, at the start of the conference every visitor gets a badge. In order to personalize the badge, each visitor can choose between different kinds of “attitudes”, displayed on a board. As a chosen “attitude” is meant the way a visitor would like to approach other people at that moment. An icon gets loaded on the badge when it is plugged into the chosen “attitude” on the board.

The icon displayed on the badge will be the connection between visitors: if two people have the same icon on their badge, it means they have chosen the same “attitude”, so they want to interact through the same approach. When two visitors wear the same icon and connect their badges, they unlock a task which they will accomplish together.